Ptak Outlet Regulation

To ensure security and comfort of Ptak Outlet customers, will you please follow the following provisions of the Ptak Outlet Regulation which lays down the detailed rules in place at our Centre and indicates the terms and conditions of its operation.

The rules set forth in the Regulation are strictly binding for all Ptak Outlet customers who, while on the site of our facility (indoor part – the shopping centre, and outdoor part – the car park and the surrounding area), stand committed to abide by the same.

1. Visitors to Ptak Outlet may only stay on the site during its working hours indicated at the entrances and available on the website:;

2. Visitors to Ptak Outlet must not run, ride skateboards, rollerblade, ride kick scooters, bicycles, mopeds, or motorcycles, and must not bring them to the site of the Centre (save the car parks);

3. Visitors to Ptak Outlet must not stay at the Centre for any purposes other than intended, and must not behave contrary to the rules and regulations or disturb other customers and Centre staff (visitors intoxicated with alcohol or narcotic drugs);

4. Visitors under 13 years of age may stay on the site of the Centre only in care of a parent or adult carer;

5. It is prohibited to use open fire or bring to the Ptak Outlet site any objects that may pose a risk to life or health of visitors, or the storage or possession of which is illegal (in particular firearms, flammable and explosive materials);

6. It is prohibited to bring dogs or other animals to the indoor section of Ptak Outlet or the units within the facility (not applicable to guide dogs);

7. It is prohibited to smoke any tobacco products or drink alcoholic beverages outside the specially designated establishments. On the site of Ptak Outlet it is forbidden to use any narcotic drugs;

8. It is prohibited to generate noises and unpleasant odours;

9. It is prohibited to damage the property or devices located on the cite of the facility, in particular the devices located within the shares spaces, such as toilets, sanitary rooms, ATMs, pay in ATM, etc.;

10. It is prohibited to take photographs or film Ptak Outlet or any parts thereof without written consent from the Ptak Outlet Management, save any pictures or films for private use. It is forbidden to take photographs of the trademarks / logotypes of Ptak Outlet tenants;

11. It is prohibited to organise promotional activities or distribute advertising, informational, and other materials, place posters or hold opinion polls within the outdoor and indoor sites of the Centre without written consent from the Ptak Outlet Management;

12. It is prohibited to carry out any indecent activities or other activities that may pose a risk to public order, in particular to organise public meetings, manifestations, political or religious agitation, canvassing, putting goods out for sale, peddling or selling goods from vehicles, begging, accosting, stage artistic (including musical) performances, carry out charity actions, etc., within the outdoor and indoor sites of Ptak Outlet. Any and all performances and actions may take place only if organised or approved by the Ptak Outlet Management;

13. Visitors may sit on the sofas or chairs designed for this purpose and located within the shares spaces of the facility;

14. Any and all items found on the site of Ptak Outlet should be handed over to the Centre's security guards;

15. It is strictly forbidden to obstruct the access roads, roads designed for vehicle or pedestrian traffic. It is strictly prohibited to drive onto or leave vehicles on the sett stone pavements in front of the entrances to the Centre. The Ptak Outlet Management reserves the right to take the measures it deems suitable so as to remove or deposit any vehicles, materials, goods and other items that breach this provision. In the event of the foregoing provision being breached, such obstructions shall be removed at the cost and risk of the visitor responsible for such breach. The Ptak Outlet Management also reserves the right to change vehicle traffic organisation, if this is found to be in the interest of the Centre;

16. The car parks are intended to facilitate access to the Centre for its customers and suppliers. The Ptak Outlet Management designates parking lots as its own discretion. Parking cars outside the designated areas is prohibited. In the event of a breach, the Ptak Outlet Management may decide to have the Centre's security guards remove such breach at the cost of the persons in breach.

Persons who breach the foregoing provisions shall are obliged to leave the facility if requested to do so by the Ptak Outlet Manager or his representatives (Centre Security).

Any default on such a request shall be treated as a breach of the Regulation in place at the Centre and shall entail adequate measures intended to enforce the provisions thereof.

All customers and employees of the Ptak Outlet Centre are kindly requested to abide by the provisions of this Regulation and other instructions of the Ptak Outlet Management.

European Outlet Ptak Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

Ptak Outlet Management