FEMESTAGE Eva Minge is a clothing brand that originates from the Eva Minge Fashion House. Eva Minge’s designs are well-known worldwide. Her collections have been presented in such fashion capitals as Paris, New York, Rome, Milan and Moscow, next to most influential fashion brands, among the others Chanel, Dior or Giorgio Armani. Currently, Eva Minge holds the position of Creative Director of FEMESTAGE Eva Minge.

FEMESTAGE Eva Minge offers collections that combine the high end fashion with the ready-to-wear that is functional and comfortable. Moreover, in our lines timeless classic permeates with modern sensitivity. The brand is dedicated for women who love simplicity, intrigue forms, best quality, and are eager to underlines their femininity. FEMESTAGE Eva Minge is a proposition for energetic women who look for every day elegance in their daily rush.


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Phone: 601 094 273

E-Mail: f20 (at) femestage.com


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