Leopark Ptak Outlet

What Is Leopark?

This is Entertainment Center for Children–new generation of Play and Entertainment, which is based on an European play structure system and provides highest quality. Entertainment Centre Leopark becomes place for funny and healthy activity for kids and their parents.

The special idea of Leopark is safety and high quality of service. That we achieve with help of special attractions and well trained staff. We promote the active way of kids play and that attract parents because we offer healthy moves, what is attracting children more, than computer games.

Leopark is one of the most interesting indoor playgrounds at this moment in Poland. The playground exits of slides, trampolines, cart track, fun shooting arena and a lot more! A great playground with a lot of attractions for different age levels. Children will have the time of their life! For the little ones there is a special place with a ball pool, slide and some soft play equipment. Leopark opened the doors for children and their parents to enjoy excellent fun.The playground is integrated in the PTAK OUTLET in Rzgów, Poland. Children can enjoy their time and in the meantime parents, or one of the partners can do their shopping.

Leopark Ptak Outlet

 500 822 350

 Lokal nr 27-29