Active and fashionable all the time, throughout the day. On their way to work, meeting their friends, roller-skating or riding their longboards through a park or cycling. This is the Outhorn concept for all those looking for fashionable and functional clothes matching every type of body.

Outhorn’s offer is an answer for those seeking distinction and uniqueness in the city. We create a range of products: jackets, softshells, sweatshirts, sweaters, shorts, trousers and accessories like bumbags, vanity bags, water bottles, sleeping pads, backpacks and bags. Fashionable and practical clothes ensure free moves, optically shape the body.

Outhorn says “mix and match”. It combines interesting forms, textures and its style is unstrained. Outhorn follows the changing world, it is active and never says “stop”

Welcome to the world of Outhorn!

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Tel:  727 021 831

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