The Outlet is a shopping centre selling brand new products (clothing, footwear, accessories) at reduced prices. The basic price of the various articles must be lower than that offered by regular shops by at least 30%.

The outlet offers collections from previous seasons, end-of-sale products, warehouse and production surpluses, as well as special dedicated collections.

Outlet tenants are most frequently manufacturers of global brands to be found in most European shopping centres. All the brands offer goods with guaranteed annual reduction in price from 30% to 70% compared to their own regular shops.

Ptak Outlet boasts 33,000 sq m shopping floor space with the target of 140 shops selling global brands merchandise at factory prices – and all that within an environment of sophisticated and luxurious interiors.

Ptak Outlet’s offer is a fully marketable range of top quality products with guaranteed annual reduction in price. Also, it provides opportunity to shop in comfortable conditions – good access thanks to its location at the intersection of the A1 motorway and the S8 express road, car park for more than 1,000 vehicles, rich gastronomic offer, and very broad product ranges – these are the extra advantages of our shopping centre.

Ptak Outlet’s range of impact covers 744,000 residents of Łódź, 2,534,000 population of Łódzkie Region, and approximately 7,000,000 people living within a 90-minute drive by car – i.e. nearly 20% of the entire population of Poland!

The professionalism and more than 20-year international experience of our key investor – Ptak Shopping Centre – allows us to look with optimism to the future of Ptak Outlet. It should be noted that Ptak Shopping Centre is visited by 6,000,000 customers per year. Among them, approximately 30% are visitors from eastern markets – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as from Germany.